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Lavrov: Washington’s manipulation of the Kurdish issue threatens the region with disastrous consequences

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, warned of the seriousness of the approach taken by the United States towards the Syrian Kurds, and the disastrous consequences this may bring to the entire region.

In an interview with “Sputnik” agency today, Friday, Lavrov expressed Russia’s concern about the situation in the Syrian territories east of the Euphrates (under the control of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” supported by the international coalition led by Washington), and held the American military deployed there responsible for encouraging them to Separatist tendencies among the Kurds

The minister explained that the Americans are inciting the Kurds against the Syrian government and “deterring their natural desire to initiate a dialogue with Damascus,” indicating that this matter calls for great concern not only from the point of view of the Syrian territorial integrity, but also from the point of view of raising these American actions to the degree of “explosive potential.” On the Kurdish issue.

He continued, “As it is known, this issue is urgent not only for Syria but for Iraq, Turkey and Iran, and this is a dangerous game in this region. The Americans, as usual, take steps of this kind with the aim of creating chaos that they hope to be creative. They are far and do not care much about the results of their actions.” But its consequences could be disastrous for the region, if they continue to present separatist tendencies. “

In this regard, Lavrov referred to the contract that allows an American company to develop and modernize oil fields under the control of the “Syrian Democratic Forces,” describing it as “a very serious violation of all the principles of international law that can be imagined.”

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