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Kushner: The peace agreement between Israel and the UAE “should increase the likelihood” of it acquiring F-35 fighters

Jared Kushner, senior adviser and son-in-law to US President Donald Trump, confirmed that the UAE’s conclusion of a peace agreement with Israel should increase the likelihood of the Gulf state obtaining US F-35 fighters.

Kushner said, on the “Fareed Zakaria GBS” program, broadcast on “CNN”, today, Sunday, that this issue has become a political issue in Israel over the past week or so, and he acknowledged that the UAE has been trying to acquire F-35s for some time. long.

He added, “The group that you want them not to have (the aircraft) the most is Iran, clearly because they are located directly at the Strait of Hormuz … The truth is that this new peace agreement should increase the likelihood that they will get it, but it is something we are reviewing.”

And Kushner continued: “It is clear that we will look at the evaluation, and do everything according to the correct criteria, but it is something that the State Department and the US military are looking into.”

And CNN previously reported last week that a secret attempt by Kushner to sell advanced weapons, including F-35 stealth fighter jets, to the UAE caused confusion and frustration among agencies and congressional committees that naturally participate in such. The deal, but was left unknowingly.

A senior administration official said Kushner supports the administration’s discussions with the UAE on the sale of advanced weapons, which were led by Miguel Correa, the first National Security Council director to the Middle East.

On August 13, the UAE, Israel and the United States announced, in a joint statement, that an Emirati-Israeli agreement had been reached on the normalization of relations between the two parties, which also stipulated the suspension of the process of annexing lands in the occupied West Bank by Israel.

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