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Kalashnikov announces machine gun using NATO ammunition at Army Forum 2020

Kalashnikov published a video clip showing some aspects of its new АК-19 submachine gun, which is characterized by the use of munitions used by NATO weapons.

The company indicated in the clip that the gun is officially presented to visitors to the “Army-2020” forum, which opened yesterday, and will continue until August 29 in Russia.

According to Kalashnikov, the new rifle is designed to fire 5.56 x 45 mm (NATO) ammunition, with a barrel length of 415 mm, and a weight of 3.35 kg.

This rifle was provided with a telescopic shoulder support that could be controlled in length according to 4 positions, and it also got a durable plastic grip that was studied to increase its stability in the hand, and its outer body was provided with special bridges that allow the installation of additional accessories such as lamps and binoculars, and the flame attenuator installed on the barrel was provided with special teeth Helps use it to break glass or cut metal wire that are used on some types of fencing.

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