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Israel: An alleged sex in a UN vehicle, two officials suspended after identification

Right Now Times : The United Nations has sent two of its officials on unpaid leave over allegations of sexual misconduct in its official vehicle.

At the end of last month, a video went viral on social media, filmed on a main street near the coast of the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

In this video clip, a woman dressed in red can be seen sitting on top of a man in the back seat of a white jeep with the UN logo on it. The United Nations has promised to investigate the 18-second video, which went viral.

Right Now Times : UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman, Stephen Dujarric, said he was “shocked and deeply disturbed” by the alleged sex video in a car belonging to his organization in Israel.

After a preliminary investigation, the United Nations says the two men in the video have been identified and are members of the United Nations’ Trusteeship Supervision Organization.

The United Nations says the two staff members will remain unpaid until an investigation into the incident is completed.

Right Now Times : In a video, in addition to the sexual activity in the back seat, another person can be seen lying on the front seat.

A spokesman for the UN secretary-general told the Right Now Times that the suspension was “appropriate given the seriousness of the allegations against international government employees for not complying with the standard of conduct expected.”

United Nations, Israel, Sex
Right Now Times

Right Now Times : “The United Nations is again engaged in a vigorous awareness campaign to remind its staff of their responsibilities under the UN Code of Conduct,” he said.

The spokesman described the behavior in the video as “disgusting”.

Speaking to the Right Now Times last Friday after the video surfaced, the spokesman said such behavior was “against everything we are doing to stop the misconduct of UN staff.” ‘

Right Now Times : When asked if the alleged sex was consensual or involved a money transaction, he said an investigation was under way and that the questions were part of it.

UN policies against sexual misconduct are strict.

If an agency official is found to have violated these rules, they could face disciplinary action, be deported, and be barred from participating in UN peacekeeping missions. However, it is their country’s responsibility to take further disciplinary action against them.

Right Now Times : The United Nations has long been criticized for sexual misconduct allegations against its peacekeeping missions and other staff.

United Nations, Israel, Sex
Right Now Times : The United Nations has faced allegations of sexual misconduct from its staff members in recent years.

Right Now Times : Secretary-General Guterres has pledged a “zero tolerance” policy on sexual misconduct at the United Nations.

He said the investigation into the case was “moving fast”.

Looking at the buildings seen in the video, it seems that the video was filmed in Highcon Street, a generally busy area near the coast.

Past UN record on sexual misconduct

Right Now Times : Heather Barr, co-director of Human Rights Watch’s women’s rights division, said she was “not surprised” by the video from Israel.

Heather has worked for the United Nations in Burundi and Afghanistan. “It’s good that they’re investigating, but the problem at the UN is bigger than this video,” he said.

Right Now Times : “The issue is allegations of sexual harassment and violence by members of the UN staff,” he said.

 2019, UN staff members were charged with 175 counts of sexual violence and exploitation ,. Evidence was found about 16 of them, about 15 were not found, and all the others are still under investigation.

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