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Inflict more than 150 billion dollars in losses on us.” Rouhani responds to his critics and identifies the source of Iran’s problems

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that US sanctions inflicted more than $ 150 billion in losses on Iran, stressing that had it not been for these sanctions, Iranians would enjoy a better life.

“Zionism and hardliners in America and reactionary countries in the region are the source of problems in Iran,” Rouhani said during a meeting in Tehran today, Saturday.

He added, “America imposes inhuman and terrorist sanctions on Iran and prevents it from obtaining medicine and foodstuffs,” and continued, “We have never seen men with this brutality in the White House before.”

Rouhani considered that, “had it not been for the US sanctions, the Iranian people would have been able to live better, the commodities would have been cheaper and the price of the dollar would have been reasonable.”

Rouhani added that “some people should stay away from misleading citizens and giving them false information for the sake of partisan interests,” stressing that “the starting point for all crimes and pressure on the Iranian people is Washington.”

The Iranian president expressed his confidence that Iran will break the blockade imposed on it and pass this stage, and that “America will eventually kneel in front of Iran,” noting that “in the past, only two or three countries stood by Iran, while now it does not stand up to Iran.” America’s side is only two or three countries. “

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