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India: Our forces have taken control of the Himalayan heights after a confrontation with the Chinese forces

Indian forces have deployed to four strategic mountain peaks after what New Delhi described as a Chinese incursion across the disputed border in the Himalayas, a senior Indian official said on Tuesday.

He added that the Indian troop move came in response to the attempt by a large number of Chinese infantry forces to penetrate through a major mountain pass late on Saturday.

“We gathered our forces and occupied four summits,” he said, noting that the four summits are inside the Indian side of the border line.

He stated that the Chinese soldiers backed by military vehicles got close enough to engage in verbal controversy with Indian forces, but there was no clash.

China denies that it is the first to move, and a spokeswoman for the Chinese embassy in New Delhi accused the Indian forces of crossing the de facto line of control, which is the border line, and committing “flagrant provocations.”

There has been a confrontation between Indian and Chinese forces for months in the Ladakh region in the western Himalayas, and the two sides have been fighting over the borders for more than half a century.

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