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India bans 59 Chinese apps, including Tik Tak: What will India gain from banning Tik Tak?

Right Now Times : The Indian government has announced a ban on 59 Chinese apps, including Tik Tak, amid ongoing tensions with China.

Alibaba Group’s UC browser, fashion app Shine and Baidu Maps have also been banned.

Right Now Times : Amid tensions along the border with China in Ladakh, the Indian government has hailed the decision as an emergency solution and a step towards national security.

On June 15, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a violent clash between the two countries’ forces.

Right Now Times : India’s Information and Broadcasting Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad tweeted: “This ban is necessary for security, sovereignty and integrity. We do not want any spying on the data and privacy of Indian citizens.

“We have received complaints about these apps from various sources,” he said in a statement. These apps were also spying on people’s personal data on Android and iOS. Banning these apps will keep India’s mobile and internet users safe. It is essential for India’s security, sovereignty and integrity. “

Tick ​​tick

The Indian government did not say in its statement how the ban would be enforced.

Right Now Times : “If the Chinese people want to boycott Indian goods, they will not be able to find such items,” tweeted Ho Chi Minh, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a newspaper under the influence of China’s ruling Communist Party. Indian friends, you need to think beyond nationalism.

Blaise Fernandes, director of the Indian think tank Gateway House, told the Japanese magazine Asian Nikkei Review about the Indian government’s decision, saying it would affect Tick Talk’s parent company, Bite Dance.

Right Now Times : “Alibaba and Ten St. are part of China’s digital Silk Road,” he said. This ban will negatively affect the ratings of these apps and will also affect their promoters. Tik Tak’s IPO is also coming soon. It has 30% customers in India.

India is analyzing economic relations with China and this ban is being viewed in the light of the same analysis.


Right Now Times : The Indian government has asked the state-run telecom department not to use Chinese company Huawei’s devices. There is also the possibility of heavy taxes on goods imported from China.

“The Indian government has issued interim orders banning 59 apps,” a TuckTuck spokesman said. Two thousand members of the Bite Dance Team are working in India according to government principles. We are proud to have millions of customers in India.

Right Now Times : “We are preparing to comply with the orders of the Indian government,” Tik Tak said in a statement. We are trying to present our position to the government. TikTak takes into account data privacy and security requirements under Indian law. We do not give access to Indian data to any foreign government. They don’t even give the data to the Chinese government. We respect the privacy of our customers. “

Right Now Times : Nikhal Gandhi, head of Tik Tak India, said, “Tik Tak has made the Internet democratic. It is available in 14 Indian languages. There are millions of consumers in India. It’s a platform for people whose skills aren’t usually exposed to the world. There are many users who have to use the Internet from scratch.

Tick ​​tock

Tik Tak also provided Rs 300 million to the Indian government to combat the corona virus epidemic.

Right Now Times : The Chinese newspaper Global Times wrote on the decision: “This step has been taken at a time when tensions are rising between the two countries. Indian troops crossed the border into China and carried out an illegal operation, and Chinese security personnel attacked the provocation. This led to a bloody clash between Chinese and Indian security forces in the Gulwan Valley on June 15.

Global Times has also written, “Since then, hardline nationalism has been seen in India. A boycott of Chinese goods is being demanded. There are a lot of pictures circulating on social media in which Indian citizens are breaking TVs of Chinese companies.

Right Now Times : One of the banned apps is the social media platform Weibo. Weibo also has a verified account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has more than 240,000 followers on his Weibo account.

A statement issued by the Indian government said, “The Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center, a department of the Home Ministry, has recommended banning these apps, citing threats.”

The Internet Freedom Foundation, a social rights group, said: “This is not an order issued under section 60A. Our first question is transparency.

Right Now Times : He said that in such cases one should have the right to decide personally. He says it is legitimate for the government to be concerned about the security of citizens’ personal information, but “it can be rectified through regulatory action.” It can also ensure personal freedom, innovation and security.

Welcome to the decision

Right Now Times : Many Indian companies that welcomed the decision are calling it a big step by the Indian government.

InMobi, the company that owns the video chat app Ruposo, a rival to TickTalk, said the move would create a market for them.

The Indian social network ShareChat has also welcomed the government’s move.

Right Now Times : Bolo India, an Indian company competing with Tik Tak, said it would benefit from banning its biggest rival. In a statement, the company’s co-founder and CEO Vern Saxena said: “We welcome this decision because we understand the government’s concern. This is a great opportunity for Bolo India and other Indian apps to offer great services while prioritizing Indian culture and data security. ”

How much damage to Chinese apps?

Right Now Times : Experts believe that this step will affect Chinese apps. Santosh Pai, of Ling Legal, a Chinese investment watchdog in India, told the Economic Times: From a legal point of view, this is a strong step because it is difficult to challenge national security issues in court.

He also says that it remains to be seen whether Indian apps will be able to fill the gap created in the market or American apps will be able to capture the market share.

Investors in Indian social apps say the ban on Chinese apps will reduce competition in the market.

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