Hariri: Your fingers will bite in regret

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri expressed his regret over Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Adeeb’s apology for forming the government, sending a warning message to those who welcome this failure.

In a statement issued by his office today, Friday, Hariri stressed that Adib’s apology for forming the government represents “a blatant example of the failure of politicians to manage public affairs and approach the national interest,” warning of the danger of the collapse of French President Emmanuel Macron’s initiative regarding the internal situation in Lebanon.

Hariri addressed those “applauding today for the fall of Macron’s initiative” by saying: “You will bite your fingers in regret for the loss of one of the noblest of friends and for the waste of an exceptional opportunity that will be difficult to repeat to stop the economic collapse and put the country on the path of required reform.

The former prime minister stressed that “Macron’s initiative has not fallen because what has fallen is the approach that leads Lebanon and the Lebanese to ruin.”

The initiative put forward by Macron aims to extricate Lebanon from the political and social crisis that it entered after the devastating explosion that rocked the Beirut port last August.

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