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Great controversy in Afghanistan over the inclusion of the mother’s name in the identity

Afghanistan is witnessing great controversy due to the issuance of a law permitting the inclusion of the mother’s name in identifying citizens in official identity documents, along with the names of their fathers, after a campaign led by a woman to achieve this goal.

Under the slogan “Where is my name?”, Afghan women have sought over the years to change the prevailing rule in identifying citizens in official identity documents with the names of their fathers without mothers being required to include the mother’s name as well, which is rejected by large segments of Afghan society, which is usually described as “The governor.” Her activity culminated in the change of the previous law on identification, last week, by including the mother’s name in the definition of identity alongside the father’s name.

At the head of the opponents, there is the “Taliban” movement, which has been negotiating for months, under American auspices, with the government to share power between the two parties, and whose position is difficult to skip over the amended law signed by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. The amended law now places the father and mother on an equal footing in identifying identity on official cards.

On the other hand, Akbar Agha, an Afghan official during the Taliban era, believes that “the inclusion of the mother’s name on electronic identity cards is a shame for Afghans and a shame for them.”

For his part, and at a higher level in the political hierarchy of his movement, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for the “Taliban” movement, clearly and openly opposed the amended law, saying that “names of women from a religious point of view is a taboo that cannot be mentioned anywhere … and mentioned the names of mothers. Wives, sisters and daughters are not acceptable in our society. ” 

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