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Global health on the Corona pandemic: We are not even close to the end and fear the worst

Right Now Times: The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanum Gebresos, stressed that the world is still far from containing the emerging epidemic of Corona virus “Covid-19”, despite efforts to overcome the crisis.

“We all look to this end, and we all want to continue life, but the cruel truth is that we are not even close to the end,” Tidros said during a press briefing held on Monday.

Right Now Times: The Director General of the United Nations indicated that the frequency of the spread of the virus that causes “Covid-19” is still increasing in the world, despite the progress of many countries in combating the epidemic.

He pointed out that some countries are witnessing a return in the high rate of HIV infections after the reopening of their economies and the lifting of restrictions imposed on social life.

Right Now Times: Tedros warned that most people are still at risk of infection, and that the worst stages of the pandemic are yet to come, stressing that the organization “fears the worst” given the current circumstances.

He stressed that the World Health Organization is planning to hold a second meeting this week with the aim of assessing progress and prioritizing the battle against the pandemic.

Right Now Times: Tedros also announced that next week the WHO will send a delegation to China to assist in efforts to locate the source of the emerging virus.

Right Now Times: For his part, the Executive Director of the organization’s emergency program, Mike Ryan, stressed that the organization expects to make tremendous efforts in order to develop a safe and effective vaccine to prevent “Covid-19”, pointing at the same time to the absence of any guarantees for the success of these endeavors.

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