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Germany arrests a Syrian doctor for “crimes against humanity”

RightNow Time: German authorities have arrested a Syrian doctor residing on its soil on suspicion of “crimes against humanity” while in Syria.

The suspect, Alaa M., was charged with torture of a detainee on at least two occasions while working in a prison in Homs run by Syrian intelligence in 2011.

RightNow Time: The German prosecutor’s statement mentioned details indicating an incident in which the doctor was treating a prisoner suffering from epilepsy, and instead of responding to his request for help, the doctor beat and kicked him in a manner that led to the death of the prisoner shortly thereafter.

The doctor, who came to Germany five years ago, denied any wrongdoing.

RightNow Time: In a statement, the German Federal Prosecutor said that the suspect, Alaa M., had been summoned to help a man who had an epileptic seizure after his arrest on the background of his participation in protests, and then proceeded to beat the man with a plastic tube.

“Even after it happened, Alaa M. continued to beat and kick the victim,” the statement added.

RightNow Time: The next day it was said that Alaa M. Another doctor subjected the victim to further beatings, and died later, although the cause of death was not clear.

The civil war in Syria resulted in the deaths of about 350,000 people, and the displacement of nearly half of the country’s population.

RightNow Time: The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates that about 100,000 people have been killed as a result of torture or as a result of appalling conditions inside government prisons.

Last April, Germany began considering the first case in the world about torture, which was sponsored by the Syrian state by the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

RightNow Time: The German city of Koblenz had begun the trial of two Syrian intelligence men previously, on charges of crimes against humanity, including torture, sexual assault and rape, in the first trial of its kind for elements belonging to the Syrian government.

Anwar R., 57, has been charged with the responsibility of killing 58 people and torturing 4,000 others in Al-Khatib detention facility in Damascus between April 29, 2011, and September 7, 2012.

RightNow Time: The second accused, Iyad A., 43, was charged with involvement in crimes against humanity for his participation in the arrest of protesters and their detention in the al-Khatib detention facility in February 2012.

The German prosecution in conducting the trial is based on general powers that allow it to prosecute those accused of serious crimes anywhere in the world.

RightNow Time: Germany has received more than 700,000 Syrian refugees since the beginning of the Syrian conflict.

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