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Gaddafi’s Prophecy Fulfilled in Libya 9 years after his Death

Right Now Times : The late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi warned in 2011 the Libyans against an external conspiracy against the country aimed at controlling Libyan oil and Libyan lands and colonizing them again.

And the British newspaper “Observe” wrote, 9 years after the killing of Gaddafi, an article under the title, “Gaddafi’s prophecy is fulfilled as foreign powers struggle for oil in Libya,” in which she said that the late leader expected from the beginning of the events in his country a conspiracy to control oil Libyan, and called on the Libyans to address it and defend their country.

Gaddafi's prophecy fulfilled in Libya 9 years after his death
Right Now Times

Right Now Times : The newspaper pointed out in its article that after nine years, and after the outbreak of a second civil war, Gaddafi’s announcement was not far from the truth, noting that as the United States retreated from the role it played, a constellation of regional powers landed on Libya, and as the battle moved to Sirte, The country’s oil gate, a potential confrontation looms for control of Libya’s oil wealth.

In violation of the international arms embargo, the city and the surrounding desert have been flooded in recent weeks with weapons and fighters as pro-government forces are mobilized in Tripoli on one side and those fighting for General Khalifa Hifter, appointed by Parliament in Tobruk on the other side, the newspaper said. .

Right Now Times : The newspaper added that Libya’s greatest treasure is at stake now is the largest oil reserves in the entire African continent.

Most of the Libyan oil fields are located in the Sirte basin, which has revenues of billions of dollars annually. The Haftar forces, which controls Sirte, imposed a blockade on oil exports in January, causing revenue to decline with daily production declining from about one million barrels to only 100,000 barrels per day.

Right Now Times : The newspaper pointed out that Libya is facing a confrontation between Haftar and the Libyan parliament, which enjoys Arab and international support, especially from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Russia, in the face of the militia camp formed by the Libyan Presidential Council supported by Turkey and Qatar.

Right Now Times : The newspaper added that the UK government led by David Cameron and France during the reign of Nicolas Sarkozy were among the reasons for the overthrow of Gaddafi, but while London is now working diplomatically from the side lines, Paris has maintained strong events on the ground, and now supports Haftar and Libya with a secular leadership to ensure the safety of its forces in countries The coast and help its former colonies against jihadist groups.

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