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France is investigating a media leak of contact details between Putin and Macron

The French authorities have launched an investigation with local media about the leakage of details of a previous phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

The news of the launch of the investigations was reported by the French Foreign Ministry, which responded in its daily electronic press conference to a journalist’s question in this regard, saying that “any leakage of internal confidential documents is unacceptable, and for this reason we refrain from commenting on them, and the investigation is under way.”

The Foreign Ministry added that “the dialogue that the President of the Republic wanted to hold with Russia aims to address all issues, especially those that affect our security.”

The French daily Le Monde published an article a few days ago about a telephone conversation that took place on September 14 between the Russian and French presidents, in which it said that President Vladimir Putin, in his conversation with Macron, insisted on discussing the possibility of Lithuania’s involvement in poisoning Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, because those who They conduct research and innovations in the field of nerve gas “Novichok”, according to the French newspaper, in this former Soviet country.

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