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Five lion sisters who passed the CSS exam: ‘One of our daughters is heavier than five hundred sons’

RightNow Times: When the final result of the CSS exams given in Pakistan in 2019 came out yesterday, one of the lucky ones to be recruited was Zahi Malik Sher.

Their recruitment was extraordinary because there would be very few instances in Pakistan or in the world where five sisters had passed the examination of high government service one by one.

RightNow Times: Zahi, the fifth daughter of Malik Rafiq Awan and Khurshid Begum of Haripur District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, has also joined the civil service.

The age difference between the five sisters is two to three years. Eldest sister Laila Malik Sher joined CSS in 2008.

RightNow Times: After he was recruited, Tanta was tied up. Every two to three years, his younger sisters started succeeding in KSS one by one.

The story of the lion sisters

RightNow Times: The five sisters received their early education from a convent school in Rawalpindi. It may be recalled that former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto also received her early education from the same school.

The eldest of these sisters, Laila Malik Sher, is currently serving as Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax Karachi.

RightNow Times: Laila also has the distinction of being the youngest CSS officer in Pakistan to date, having completed her CSS at the age of 21 years and a few months after completing her BA. Is.


He also did a Masters in English Literature after passing CSS.

RightNow Times: Then it is the turn of the sweet country lion. He is currently the Director, National Highway Authority, Islamabad. Then there is Sasi Malik Sher who is the Deputy Executive CEO of Chaklala Cantt Rawalpindi and then Marvi Malik Sher who is serving as Additional Assistant Commissioner Abbottabad.

Zahi Malik is the youngest sister and according to yesterday’s results, she will join the management group.

RightNow Times: As a student, she was the captain of college netball and the president of the Students’ Council. He also holds a Masters in IR from National Defense University, Islamabad.

“From childhood, our mother and father told us we had to be independent and worked hard on our education and training,” Zahi told the BBC.

“When my elder sister Laila Malik Sher passed the CSS and saw them, I also felt that I have to be like that.”

RightNow Times: Earlier, Zahi used to act as an anchor in a program ‘Rabita’ on Radio Islamabad where women and various people used to call her and tell her about their problems.

“I thought at the time that if a radio program could solve people’s problems in this way, especially women, then I could definitely do a lot by joining the civil service,” she said.

RightNow Times: “We were told from childhood that we had to do something in the world,” he said, referring to his parents’ role. There is something to be remembered.

“We have to make ourselves independent and serve the country and the nation.”

RightNow Times: That’s why my parents used to say from the beginning that we sisters should become CSS officers because there are many opportunities to work in it and also the right expression of abilities can be done.

‘Those who mourn the birth of five sons are congratulating today’

Rafiq Awan

RightNow Times: Malik Rafiq Awan, the father of the girls, is a retired SDO from WAPDA. His ancestral home is in Haripur district but he has been living in Rawalpindi for some time.

Last evening, when the results of the successful CSS candidates were announced, I tried to contact them, but their telephone was busy for about two hours.

RightNow Times: When the telephone rang and the conversation started, he said that today was a very strange and happy day.

“When my fifth daughter was born, my relatives, instead of congratulating us, expressed regret that we both did not have a son,” he said.

“We did not have any grief over the daughter, but we did have some regrets over the attitude of our dear relatives.”

RightNow Times: “Today, many years later, when my fifth daughter has also passed the CSS exam, relatives are telephoning to congratulate her and the house is packed with guests,” he said.

“The majority are the same people who openly or secretly expressed their regret to our five daughters.”

Malik Rafiq Awan faced this attitude from the birth of his first daughter. However, when her second daughter was born, her father was Sher Muhammad Hayat.

RightNow Times: He said that on this occasion, when someone said in a very strange tone that Rafiq’s second daughter has been born, he had replied that ‘these daughters are not sons.’

“At the same time, I named my two daughters after their grandfather, Sher, and did the same with the other daughters.”

“You can see that my four daughters are named after the legendary characters Laila, Shirin, Sasi and Marvi,” he said.

RightNow Times: He said that behind this was also the desire that these daughters of mine would do something for the country and the nation in which they would be famous while the name of the fifth daughter Zahi has been taken from the Quran which means the beginning of light.

“It was probably because people were a little too bad at the time of her birth, but for me she was very precious and light.”


‘Attracted to become a CSP officer from childhood’

RightNow Times: Malik Rafiq Awan said that during my tenure there were exchanges in different places but for the education and training of my daughters I had stayed in Rawalpindi so that they would not be affected.

“Even when we talked to him as a child, we both used to say that CSS has to be done.”

Malik Rafiq Awan narrated the incident of the school quoting his eldest daughter Laila Malik Sher that when she was in the first class, he went to the school meeting.

RightNow Times: He was told by Laila’s teacher that once in the class he asked Laila what she would become when she grows up and Laila replied that AC. When the teacher asked which CACs were in the room, Laila replied with great confidence that no, Assistant Commissioner.

“Our children knew we were working for their education, training and a better future,” he said.

RightNow Times: “There was a time when my posting was in Jhelum and I was returning to Rawalpindi with an SDO friend when the way was delayed and it was 12 o’clock on the way home,” he said.

“As soon as I entered the house, my third daughter Sasi Malik Sher came to me and said that I must get these books.

“I told him to come and see me and get in the car,” he said. I wasn’t sure the store would be open. Luckily, some of the goods of the shop had arrived, it was being unloaded, so I asked the owner of the shop and he brought the books to us.

RightNow Times: Malik Rafiq Awan says that my friend is now in Canada and he often remembers the incident on the phone and says that I now tell all my loved ones that if I want to give my children a better future, then mother In any case, the father must give the message to the children that they can do anything for their good future.

“That’s why my five daughters are now CSS officers,” he says.

RightNow Times: “It was not that we had any restrictions on them doing CSS, but we wanted them to have a line in their childhood so that they could prepare accordingly,” he said.

“Then it happened that he had decided his future from his early education. According to him, he has achieved his hard work and success.


There was no compromise on reading

RightNow Times: Malik Rafiq Awan also attributes the success of his daughters to the hard work and dedication of his wife.

Malik Rafiq Awan says that in his childhood he did not reprimand his daughters and it was never needed.

RightNow Times: He said that his mother Khurshid Begum used to look after the education of the girls and their affairs. I myself used to live in different cities for employment but his mother did not compromise on education.

“If I was at home, he would say, ‘Quit studying,’ etc. His mother would be angry,” he said.

RightNow Times: “When we both went out for shopping, we used to give them work. But obviously children are children. Apart from these studies, they used to get involved in sports.

Malik Rafiq Awan said that but when we came back home, it suddenly became as if I was studying very well behind us.

RightNow Times: “But we understood that his mother used to scold him. The eldest daughter had a dog at the time. The dog also understood that something was wrong. He also hid under the bed out of fear.

‘One daughter is heavier than five hundred sons’

RightNow Times: The girls’ mother, Khurshid Begum, said she had greatly attracted her daughters to education and hard work.

“As a child, I used to tell them to finish their homework quickly and only those who would do their homework first would be allowed to cycle.”

RightNow Times: “Then she would tempt them to give them chocolates or something to memorize the lesson quickly.”

He said that he never studied and never compromised on homework. Checked their classwork, helped with homework. She would memorize classwork and homework and then listen. When there were annual vacations every year, she would teach them the course of the next class herself. When they went to the class, a lot would come to them.

RightNow Times: “The purpose of my life and ours was to have a better future for our daughters, which was our responsibility,” she said. All my life I had never been reprimanded for any reason other than education and training. There was always a conversation with them at night in addition to reading.

She used to tell them various stories of great people. I listened to them. She would try to understand their problems, if any, and solve them.

She said she worked hard herself. Always got good marks. The result is in front of everyone.

RightNow Times: Khurshid Begum said that all parents should not give preference to daughters over sons. Never, give daughters a good education. If the parents trust the daughters, they will be shown a lot of deeds that no one can expect.

“Our home environment was educational from the beginning,” said Zoha Malik. Most of us sisters talked about topics around the world and still do. In which international affairs, the role of women are all informative discussions from which we still learn a lot from each other.

RightNow Times: Malik Rafiq Awan said that for the development of the country and the nation, the society has to understand that daughters are not a burden but they are very useful.

He said that there was a need to give them confidence, education and to tell them that they have to work for the country and the nation apart from their future.

RightNow Times: “It simply came to our notice then. Never thought that if there is no son then there is a lack. Just focus on your daughters.

“Now one of our daughters is heavier than five hundred sons. He did what his sons rarely do.

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