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Egyptian Minister of Petroleum: The activities of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum witnessed unprecedented momentum

According to a statement from the Ministry of Petroleum today, Wednesday, the minister said that the activities of the forum witnessed an unprecedented momentum, attracting the attention of many countries and economic entities around the world and opening the appetite of many of them to request joining these meetings.

Al-Mulla stressed that the Egyptian state has adopted a package of economic reforms for development at various levels, and that these reforms have enabled Egypt to contain the effects of the Corona crisis.

The conflict is raging between Egypt, Cyprus and Greece on the one hand, and Turkey on the other hand over the wealth of the Mediterranean, as Egypt accused the Turkish authorities of “continuing to take unilateral measures that increase tension in the Mediterranean,” against the backdrop of Ankara sending a second ship to the coasts of northern Cyprus to explore for gas there. .

Since May 2019, Turkey has been carrying out gas exploration work with “permission” from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (not internationally recognized), in waters of the eastern Mediterranean, which is part of the internationally recognized Special Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus.

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