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Egyptian air defense recalls shooting down Israeli fighters

Right Now Times: The Egyptian Air Defense Forces declared their keenness to possess combat capabilities and capabilities that enable them to perform their duties in a highly efficient manner, during the celebration of the annual anniversary of the Egyptian Air Defense Forces.Video Player

The Egyptian Air Defense Forces commander, General Ali Fahmy, reviewed the activities of these forces after the 1967 war. 

Right Now Times: He said that the Air Defense Forces assumed responsibility for “cutting the longitudinal arm of the Israeli enemy and preventing the penetration of its aircraft west of the canal.”

He said that “the Egyptian air defense continued its work under the pressure of the enemy air strikes that continued with the latest aircraft (Phantom, Skyhawk) with high capabilities compared to the available air defense means, and at that time the missile wall was created.”

Right Now Times: “The air defense assemblies managed on the morning of June 30, 1970 to shoot down two Phantom planes, and two Skyhawks, and three Israeli pilots were captured, and this was the first time that a Phantom plane fell and then the planes fell until they reached 12 by the end of the week, which is what It was called the Phantom Fall Week and the Air Defense Forces took June 30, 1970 as their holiday.

Right Now Times: He said, “The missile wall is a combat grouping of a variety of missiles and anti-aircraft artillery in successive formats inside fortified sites and demolition capable of repelling and destroying enemy aircraft with the capabilities of providing air defense for the main assembly of land formations, vital targets, air bases and airports along the front west of the canal with the ability to achieve An extension of the demolition areas at a distance of not less than 15 km east of the canal. ” For the first time … a video reveals the specifications of the new Egyptian army weapon that caused widespread controversy (video + photo)

Right Now Times: These sites were established and fortified in preparation for the introduction of anti-aircraft missiles in them in extremely difficult circumstances, as the conflict was between the long arm of Israel represented by its air forces to prevent the establishment of these fortifications and air defense personnel in cooperation with civil construction companies in light of providing direct protection from these sites.

Right Now Times: He continued: “The Air Defense Forces studied the missile wall through two options. The first was to jump with the missile wall battalions at one go and occupy advanced field locations without fortifications and accept the expected losses until the completion of the establishment of fortifications, and the second option is to reach the missile wall battalions to the channel area on a steady basis.

Launch Upon it (slow crawl method), by creating fortifications for each domain and occupying it under the protection of its posterior domain and so on, and the second option was used.

During five months (April, May, June, July, August) in 1970, the anti-aircraft missile brigades were able to shoot down and destroy more than 12 Phantom, Skyhawk and Mirage aircraft and imposed military will on the battlefront, forcing Israel to accept the Rogers Ceasefire Initiative. As of the morning of August 8, 1970.

Right Now Times: As for the role of the Air Defense Forces in the October 73 war, he confirmed that he began early planning to organize and arm the Israeli Air Force with the latest developments in the air arsenal at the time by purchasing Mirage planes from France, and contracting with the United States to purchase the Phantom and Skyhawks until the number of aircraft reached Before 1973 to 600 different types of aircraft.

Right Now Times: He noted that at that time, the Egyptian army arrived from the Soviet Union a number of modern missile units SAM-3 (Bachura), where the Air Defense Forces succeeded in depriving the enemy of reconnaissance of the Egyptian forces west of the channel by shooting down the electronic reconnaissance plane (Stratocruzar) on the morning of September 17, 1971 and killing All of them were scientists and specialists in electronic warfare. The Egyptian army seeks to obtain Russian fighters that outperform the American “F-35” fighters

Right Now Times: He continued: “The armament of the forces continued through the introduction of modern systems of Soviet missiles (SAM-6) in 1973. The task of the Air Defense Forces was extremely difficult because the theater of operations is not limited to the Suez Canal front, but also includes providing air defense for all vital targets. (Political, economic, air bases and airports, maritime bases and strategic ports. “

He said: “On the night of October 6/7, the anti-aircraft missiles and artillery units confronted the Israelis and succeeded in shooting down more than (25) aircraft, in addition to injuring other numbers and capturing a number of pilots. As a result, the commander of the Israeli Air Force instructed the pilots not to approach the Suez Canal for a less distance From 15 km. “.

Right Now Times: He stressed that: “During the first three days of the war, the Israeli air enemy lost more than a third of its planes and its most qualified pilots who boasted as a result of the Egyptian Air Defense Forces possessing the combat capabilities that led to the decisive center of gravity of the air force of the Israeli enemy, which caused Moshe Dayan to announce in the fourth The days of the fighting said, “There is another problem facing our flight, as it is unable to penetrate the Egyptian missile network.” He said in a television interview on October 14, 73 that the Israeli Air Force was “fighting heavy battles with its days, heavy with its blood.”

Right Now Times: The air defense system is considered one of the most complex systems in its components for its ability to provide air defense for vital goals and prevent the enemy from penetrating the Egyptian borders and it consists of reconnaissance and warning elements, positive elements and command and control centers that enable leaders at all levels to take measures aimed at depriving the enemy of carrying out his tasks Or its destruction by means of air defense, spread throughout the country according to the nature of the vital targets and assemblies required to provide air defense for them.
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