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Egypt : The success of the first transit operation of its kind in the history of the Suez Canal

The President of the Suez Canal Authority announced the success of the first crossing of its kind in the history of the canal for a slider of 12 gigantic HDPE pipes during its journey through the canal coming from Norway and bound for Bangladesh.

Lieutenant-General Osama Rabie, Chairman of the Canal Authority, confirmed the success of the transit operation, by towing and directing it with a group of the Authority’s locomotives and guiding it during its journey through the canal coming from Norway and heading to Bangladesh.

The process of crossing pipe life Norge company is one of the unconventional crossing experiences, as its crossing required complicated navigational arrangements and measures due to the large dimensions of the pipe slide, as 6 pipes are 620 meters long by 2.3 meters in length, while the other 6 pipes are 500 meters in length.

The arrangements and procedures for the canal crossing journey began with the request of the shipping agency LETH EGYPT to cross the slider of pipes to the Suez Canal instead of taking the Cape of Good Hope road. Taking special measures and procedures and taking advantage of the navigational advantages of the new Suez Canal, due to its regular nature and the lack of curves, which makes the transit process safer and easier.

During his inspection of the navigation movement and his follow-up of the pipelines crossing, the Authority Chairman praised the role played by the movement management personnel, the navigation control room and the traffic offices in the three channel sectors, the guides and the assisting tug crew in managing the transit process successfully without affecting the movement of ships crossing the canal, directing them to greet and appreciate For their efforts to raise the flag of the canal and serve the global trade movement, and for the canal to remain the shortest, fastest and safest option for traffic flowing between East and West compared to other alternative shipping routes.

For his part, Mr. Sigmund Aandstad, Managing Director of the “PIPE LIFE NORGE” group, expressed his sincere pride and appreciation for the facilities provided by the Suez Canal Authority to ensure the safe and secure passage of the pipelines through the canal, referring in this regard to the many advantages offered by the Suez Canal instead of turning around a road. Cape of Good Hope, where the canal provided 30 days of flight time, in addition to being safer for the pipes, and less subject to the fluctuations of bad weather, which makes it the ideal shipping option later for the movement of cargo to customers in the Middle East, India, Bangladesh and other Southeast Asian countries and China.

It is noteworthy that “HDPE” pipes are mainly used in piping applications near ports and major infrastructure projects such as sea water intakes for desalination plants, power stations, as well as cooling water intakes for power stations, and the intakes of drinking water and sewage treatment plants

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