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Egypt : The presenter, Radwa El-Sherbiny, was referred for investigation

The Egyptian broadcaster, Radwa El-Sherbiny, was referred for investigation, after she called on her program “She and Bas” girls to wear the hijab.

El-Sherbiny sent a message to everyone who wanted to remove the veil, in an attempt to persuade her to reverse her decision.

And she said: “For every one who is the only veiled in the group of her companions or in her family or in her street or in her work, I can take off the veil. You are better than me and one who is not veiled 100 thousand times.”

And El-Sherbiny continued, noting that the non-veiled “the devil herself is stronger than her faith and power,” asking the veiled women to adhere to the veil and to overcome their devil, and she said: “You are better with our Lord.

The complaints committee of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation decided to open an urgent investigation with El-Sherbiny into the complaints that the council received about what it said in its program regarding non-veiled women.

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