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Egypt : The judiciary punishes the father of a child who participated in raping his daughter and photographing her naked

The Zagazig Criminal Court in Egypt sentenced a father to 10 years in prison for convicting him of participating in the customary marriage of his child daughter.

The ruling came after the father was accused of endangering her life and inciting to photograph her naked, to force her to return to her common-law husband.

The girl accused her father and 4 others, including her common-law husband, of raping her and photographing her naked, to force her to return to her husband, after disputes arose between them, and accused them of extorting her.

The security services managed to arrest the accused, who are the father of the victim, her common-law husband, a scrap metal worker, and 2 others. Investigations reached the veracity of the incident, and the accused were referred to the Public Prosecution.

The investigations revealed that the first accused, “the father of the victim,” had agreed with one of the defendants to marry her “customarily”, after which the divorce took place due to differences between them.

While the victim was with the defendants in the house of the third “scrap worker” in an attempt to reconcile, all of the accused, except for her father, detained her and beat her, and one of them raped her and another photographed her to blackmail her.

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