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Egypt : The first day to test the Corona vaccine on volunteers

Hala Zayed, the Egyptian Minister of Health and Population, announced the start of testing two coronavirus vaccines on volunteers, starting today, Saturday.

In a press interview yesterday, Friday, the Minister indicated that the effectiveness of the two vaccines in the first, second and third stages has also been proven in some countries that have conducted clinical trials, indicating that there are more than 135 vaccines that have entered clinical trials, and only 7 of them have reached the third stage.

Zayed indicated that the difference between the first, second and third stages is that the third stage proves the safety of the drug and its appropriate dose, and that it is given immunity and is tested on more volunteers. Egypt : Announcing the start of clinical trials for a national vaccine against Corona

 And she continued: “With regard to 7 vaccines that reached the third stage, we worked with the International Alliance for Vaccines and Serums and entered into a very large alliance in Geneva to secure our needs and booked 30 million doses for us.”

 The minister said that the two types of vaccine that will be tested have been developed by a Chinese company that gives basic polio vaccinations, which is “one of the leading companies in the field of vaccines.”

 Zayed expressed her belief that the Corona virus will not completely go away, but we will live with it, noting that Egypt is still in the first wave and has had the ability to adapt and maneuver in management to absorb and control the pandemic.

Source: “The Seventh Day”

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