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Egypt : The contractor’s father, Muhammad Ali, sends a letter to his son after the September 20 demonstrations failed

Ali Abd al-Khaleq attacked his son, “the fugitive contractor,” Muhammad Ali, saying that he was “the son of a barren,” and that he “refused to respond to all the advice he gave him.

Abdel Khaleq described his son as a “failed person” after “the failure of his new call to demonstrate and spread chaos and violence on September 20 in Egypt,” which did not receive any response among Egyptians similar to previous inciting calls for two years.

Abdel Khaleq said in statements to the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan: “My son is a crippling, loser, and ill-fame boy, and all that he does is because of his illness with fame and stardom, even if at the expense of his family and his country, and Muhammad does not understand anything about politics, nor was his age in understanding politics and not interested in issues Public affairs, but they are being mobilized from the outside by the international organization of the Brotherhood, and it is happy with its sho and fame. “

Abdul-Khaleq referred to the phone call that his son collected after he fled abroad and promoted inciting videos against the state, saying: “I said to him, my son, a shame for what you do, you are walking on a black track, and you have delayed it by a monster and you do not understand a need and you are being moved and used, and I asked him to apologize completely. He fell silent and Mardash, and then said that he would hit me with boots and block me. “

He continued: “There is a son who tells his father that he will hit you with a boot unless it is a son of a cripple..I am the one who promised you, Muhammad, that I will hit you with a boot, the first thing that comes to Egypt, because you will return, you will return, but your end will remain black and we will hit you in front of the cameras because you need to be raised again.”

He explained that his “fleeing son seized the family’s money” before traveling outside Egypt, saying: “It was planned for me to do it, because before he travels he cheeked the money of his brother who died, stole all my money, and sold a lot of property.”

The father of the “fugitive contractor” continued to his son: “How do you have and what do you talk about the country and its conditions while you steal the money of orphans and the children of your brother, and the stealer of your father’s money.”

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