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Egypt : Shocking confessions of a woman after she was arrested during sex with a businessman in a car on El Geish Street

Egyptian security forces arrested a businessman while he had sex with a woman in his car on El-Geish Street in Mansoura. The first urgent move in Egypt after the announcement of two girls to marry gay (photos)

The arrested woman said, “My lover is equipped with his car, like the bedroom, and has sex with him for 5 years because Jozy has been imprisoned for 5 years in a drug case and he is in prison for 15 years.”

The accused added in the police report during her interrogation: “I am not engaged in prostitution with money. I was with my beloved, and we meet along, whether in the Arab or any apartment, but the police revealed the ruse of the prepared Arab.”

The Arts Investigation Department of the Dakahlia Security Directorate had arrested a businessman and a housewife, red-handed, having sex in a car in the city of Mansoura, after she received a report of information from the police officers of the Public Morality Protection Department in the Directorate, which reported that a housewife and a businessman practiced prostitution inside the latter’s car.

Investigations found that the housewife and the businessman had an illegal relationship and were accustomed to having sex inside his car.

Source: Egyptian media

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