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Dead in a “terrorist with knives” attack in the Tunisian city of Sousse

The Tunisian National Guard announced that gunmen carrying knives killed and wounded a member of the National Guard on Sunday in an attack described as a “terrorist” attack in the city of Sousse, east of Tunisia, before security forces killed three attackers.

“A security patrol comprising two agents of the National Guard was attacked with a knife by a terrorist in the center of the city of Sousse,” 140 kilometers south of the capital, Tunis, “Tunisian National Guard spokesman Hossam Eddine Jabali told AFP.

Right Now Times : The Tunisian National Guard said that three “terrorists” were killed in an exchange of fire with security forces.

He added, “One of them was martyred and the other was wounded and was lying in the hospital.”

The spokesman explained that the security forces pursued the attackers, who seized the weapons and the car of the two National Guard elements, in the tourist area of ​​El Kantaoui, adding that “three terrorists were killed in an exchange of fire.”

However, the Tunisian Ministry of Interior stated in a statement that two National Guard security officers were run over by a car carrying 3 “terrorists” in Sousse, and that the security forces pursued and killed the attackers after an exchange of fire with them.

This attack comes just two days after the government of Prime Minister Hisham El Mechichi took power in the country to succeed the resigned government of Ilyas Fakhfakh, which reveals the security challenges facing Tunisia, which suffers from economic and social problems.

It is noteworthy that the tourist city of Sousse had witnessed in June of 2015 a terrorist attack, which is the worst among several terrorist attacks the country has witnessed in recent years, during which 38 people, most of them British, were killed and thirty-nine others were wounded in a shooting inside a tourist hotel in the city.

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