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Damascus responds to Trump’s statements about his intention to kill President Bashar al-Assad

Damascus described the political behavior of the American administration as “light-hearted” and indicating “nothing but a bandit system,” in the first official comment on the US President’s statements about his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad.

Regarding what Trump said yesterday that he “discussed the liquidation of President Bashar al-Assad with the former defense minister,” the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that the statements of the “head of the American administration” about targeting Assad “clearly show the level to which the American administration’s reckless political thinking and behavior has descended, and it only indicates that A system of bandits professing crime to get to their ends. “

SANA quoted an official source in the State Department that, “Trump’s admission of such a step confirms that” the American administration is a rogue and outlaw country, and it pursues the same methods of terrorist organizations with murder and liquidation without taking into account any legal, humanitarian or moral controls or rules for the sake of Realizing its interests in the region. “

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