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Corona virus: Does the European Union prevent Americans from traveling to it despite the easing of the closure procedures?

RightNow Times: Ambassadors of European Union member states are discussing the best way to reopen external borders from July 1.

However, travelers due to the United States and other countries may be prevented from traveling to the European Union due to the concerns of some members.

RightNow Times: European countries are willing to receive tourists, but other countries fear that the Coruna virus will continue to spread.

EU member states must agree to procedures for entry of citizens of non-member states before defining the list of safe countries.

The virus is spreading in the United States, so Americans are more likely to be denied entry to the European Union.

RightNow Times: Brazil, Russia and other countries are also expected to remain outside the list of safe countries due to high rates of infection, according to reports from Brussels.

It is not believed that the European Union has yet agreed on how to evaluate countries that have met health standards, knowing that they constitute one of the necessary criteria that must be met to enter the countries of the Union.

Part of the problem is assessing reliable health data, according to the reports.

RightNow Times: The most recent data from the European Union’s Health Agency, the European Center for Epidemic Prevention and Control, highlights Brazil, Peru, Chely, Panama and Saudi Arabia as the countries with the highest “Corona virus notification rates”.

It is reported that Russia and the United States have lower rates of HIV infection per 100,000 people, but nevertheless these rates remain higher compared to most European countries.

The United States has witnessed 2.3 million cases and 120,000 deaths so far.

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