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Corona: The real story of record cases of infection in America – the world

Right Now Times : There are two words in the news that is being published in the media all over the world these days. First Corona and second America.

The reason for this is that after the graph of Corona infection in America went down slightly in May-June, it started climbing again before July.

And then the day also came when more than 55 thousand new cases of corona infection started appearing every day within 24 hours.


Right Now Times : Now the picture is that out of all the cases of corona infection in the world, one fourth of them are in America.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 4 million people have been infected with the Corona virus so far in America.

Not only this, more than one lakh 43 thousand people have died in America so far.

Rapidly increasing cases of corona infection in America have given rise to many questions. They also include the question that what is the reason behind the increasing cases of corona infection in America?

Are more cases coming due to more tests, or is it that the corona virus has reached the second round of infection in America?

Lack of coordination and confusion

Right Now Times : Jaw court session Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Expert Joshoftin Public Health believes, “It is true that modern means of testing we hold most cases, but this is evidence that this is not just a matter of testing. So When we did the test a few weeks ago, the percentage of results positive was even higher. “

Says Joshoftine, “Over the past few weeks we saw the downward graph in terms of corona infection going up very quickly. Especially in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and parts of California. Corona’s challenge in the early days New York was limited and there was not much danger in other places but later things started increasing rapidly. “

According to an estimate, the corona test of more than 30 million people has been done in America.

Corona virus testing

Right Now Times : It is argued here that if the test is being done on such a large scale and the spread of the virus has reduced, then the percentage of positive cases should also be reduced.

But if the percentage of positive cases is increasing, it means that the virus continues to spread.

“The second thing is that we see more patients in hospitals and intensive care units. It would not be correct to say that more testing is the real reason. Reports from hospitals are showing that there are no ICU beds,” says Joshoftine. Survived. The situation is very serious in most parts of America. “

A boy walking with a mask

Right Now Times : Statistics show that young people and racially minorities in America are proving to be easy prey for the Corona virus.

Joshoftine explains, “In the beginning, the youth were more affected. Then when the bar reopened after lockdown, the transition to youth increased rapidly. Similarly, the corona variance among the minorities spread rapidly. Where income is low, work From home is not an option, it is helpless to be a part of the crowd to move, there it is not possible for a person to protect himself from a virus like Corona. “

Right Now Times : But this logic of increasing the risk of diseases due to social and economic inequality applies not only to America but to the whole world.

Then what could be the reason for the rise of corona virus cases in America?

Joshoftine believes, “The federal and state governments in the United States lacked coordination. Their strategies to combat the Korana virus caused confusion. This gave the Corona virus plenty of opportunity to spread.”

A woman wearing a mask

Who save first

Right Now Times : According to doctor Aileen Marty , an infectious disease expert in Miami-Florida , “The positivity rate has increased dramatically. Every day, 17 percent to 21 percent of cases are coming out positive. It is directly related to people’s behavior, due to which Contact training becomes very difficult. If people had applied masks and followed social distancing, America would not have this condition today. “

Doctor Aileen Marty believes that some news TV channels have acted as an agent of politics in the Corona virus, which worsened the matter.

Giving an example, she says, “The media tried to show in this way, as if applying a face mask is against a political party. Such foolishness proved harmful to society. What should be done and what not to do, This caused confusion among people.

According to doctor Aileen Marty, in some cases it was also seen that the college-going youth deliberately spread the corona virus.

Right Now Times : She says, “We came to know of some college-going youngsters who had a Corona Party, challenged each other to find out who was Corona positive first. This party used to be with people who were already Corona positive In this way they deliberately spread the corona virus to each other. “

But why did these American youth not take the corona virus seriously. They may have felt that we will be cured easily, but their belief proved to be wrong.

Right Now Times : Doctor Aileen Marty says, “When he first came in contact with the corona virus, he did not know, he did not have any symptoms. He may not have realized, but the reality is that in 67 percent of such cases corona The virus had caused them a lot of damage. “

Doctor Marty believes that if the corona virus cases continue to grow in the US, then the death toll is bound to increase.

Then the doctors in America will face the same challenge as in Italy and Spain – who should save first?

Doctor treating patient

Very careless

Right Now Times : Seeing the way the corona virus in the US climbed rapidly after going down, it was feared that it could be the ‘second wave’ of the corona virus.

On the anticipation of ‘second wave’ , BBC correspondent Vineet Khare, who is in Washington, says, “Experts believe that the first wave of corona virus is still going on, the way the cases are reported at a speed of 60 thousand per day or more.” Coming, think about the second wave later, for the first time deal with this first wave. ”

President Trump and his administration claim that due to the way the testing is being done in America, more and more patients of Corona are coming out. They also compare America with India in this matter.

Right Now Times : According to Vineet Khare, “President Trump has been saying that the way the testing is being done in America, the testing is not happening anywhere in the world.” Therefore, cases of corona infection in America are increasing rapidly. Every day 5-6 lakh people are being tested. After this comes the number of India where a large number of tests have been done. Experts say that such a large-scale testing in America should help in tracing the corona virus. But this has increased the pressure on the labs testing and there is a delay in getting the report.

Some women posing with masks

Right Now Times : It is clearly written in the guidelines of the World Health Organization that it is very important to apply a mask on the face to avoid the corona virus. After that there are some more basic rules which need to be followed. But in America it has been seen that the basic things were ignored the most.

According to Vineet Khare, “The economy was shut down in March-April when the cases of corona infection were rising. Later on when the economy was reopened, some precautionary guidelines were taken when the economy was reopened. Were issued. But the experts say that during this time, negligence was done, the flag of the guidelines was blown off. With this, the cases of infection started increasing rapidly. “

Right Now Times : Vineet, stating the second major reason, says, “President Trump used to appear without a mask between the public and the public when he was being informed. This sent a message to the Trump supporters that it is not necessary to wear a face mask. Some people even started saying that applying a mask increases the amount of carbon-di-oxide in the body, which is dangerous for health. For all these reasons, the graph of corona infection went up sharply in America.

There are more problems

Right Now Times : Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine in the United States, believes that millions of people are infected with the Corona virus, not only because it can kill them, but also because of the survival Even after leaving, there may be some problems that will not leave you with life.

Doctor Peter Hotez says, “We are seeing that systemic long-term diseases can make your body your home. This can cause discomfort in the lungs and also in the heart, affecting the functioning of the brain.” Maybe, as well as psychological problems can arise. At the moment, we are saving the lives of people, but also giving them long-term diseases, which in themselves are a matter of concern. “

Right Now Times : Some politicians and their supporters in the US, such as Vice President Mike Pence, seem satisfied that the Corona virus-infected youth usually recover quickly.

But Doctor Peter Hotez refutes this notion, saying, “These arguments have been dismissed for two reasons. The first reason is that we have seen young people seriously ill, even dying. They were young people Those who already had diseases like diabetes, heart problem and obesity. The second reason is that due to which the virus is spreading, every person can become the target of the virus. “

A health worker

Right Now Times : For this reason, it is being said that America has now come to that point, from where the path ahead can be very dangerous. However, the risk can still be reduced.

Doctor Peter Hotez says, “We have to go the way of the lockdown again and follow it very tightly. It may be a six-week lockdown and then create a container zone to prevent people from coming out, which we We were not able to do it before. People will not like it and it will also have a bad effect on the economy, but it has to be done to save lives. “

Right Now Times : Scientists from all over the world are working day and night to make the Corona vaccine. This vaccine will be made when it is made, but Doctor Peter Hotez believes that it is better not to expect a miracle from the vaccine.

The questions raised about the Corona virus in the context of America are equally relevant for the rest of the world.

It is possible that the graph of Corona infection in America will start to go down in the coming days. But what happened to America, the same situation can happen to any other country, this fear cannot be ruled out.

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