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Baku: We have what we use when Armenia uses the “Iskander” missiles.

Spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, Jihon Bayramov, confirmed that his country can respond appropriately to Armenia, if the “Iskander” missile systems are used against the background of the military escalation in Karabakh.

This came in an interview given by Pyramov to “Novosti” agency, in response to statements issued earlier today, Monday, by the Armenian Defense Ministry.

The Armenian defense spokesman, Artzron Hovhannisyan, did not rule out the Armenian side’s use of all weapons in its arsenal, including “Iskander” missile systems and attack aircraft, but added that this would only happen if “necessary and consistent with the logic of conducting hostilities.”

Earlier, Armenia confirmed that it would use Russian-made “Iskander” systems even without coordination with the Russian side if its borders or citizens were exposed to danger.

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