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Austria arrests a truck driver carrying 38 immigrants from Syria, Iraq and Turkey

On Wednesday, Austrian police announced the arrest of a refrigerator truck driver who was carrying more than 38 migrants, crammed on top of each other without any ventilation.

The police said that they “found a truck parked on the side of a highway in the state of Austria, with 38 immigrants of Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish nationalities inside, including 6 children.”

She added, “The migrants made it clear to her that they were afraid of death due to lack of oxygen during the trip,” and that they managed to stop the truck.

In their statement, the police pointed out that when the truck stopped, “some of the migrants took the opportunity to flee, as did its driver, who is a Turkish (51 years old) and resides in Romania.”

According to the police, “a report was responded to the order of the truck, so it immediately sent a helicopter, and was able to arrest the driver whom the authorities suspect is working in a human smuggling network.”

And she continued, “The migrants boarded the truck in Romania, for an amount ranging between 6-8 thousand euros, which each paid to cross the external borders of the European Union separating Romania from Hungary and reach Western Europe from the Austrian gate.”

The Austrian authorities did not specify the final destination of these migrants, five of whom managed to escape, while others needed to receive health care.

Last year, the Hungarian judiciary issued life sentences against 4 people it considered key officials of a smuggling network behind the “truck of death”, in which the bodies of migrants were found in 2015.

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