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Assistant Speaker of the US House of Representatives calls for Trump’s removal and removal

Catherine Clark has called on the help of the US House of Representatives to dismiss and impeach outgoing President Donald Trump before his term officially ends.

Catherine Clark accused Trump of betraying the country and the constitution, calling for his removal from office and preventing him from exposing the United States to more danger.

US President-elect Joe Biden had commented on the violence in Washington, and said that American democracy was under unprecedented attack and an assault on freedom.

Biden said in a press conference that “the scenes in the Congress building amount to incitement and should stop immediately.”

“The work of the next four years should be to restore democracy,” he added.

Washington is witnessing massive protests by supporters of President Trump, who, after gathering in the vicinity of the White House, went to the Congress building in conjunction with the House and Senate holding a joint session to approve the results of the vote in the presidential elections.

The protesters managed to break through the security barriers surrounding the Capitol building and stormed it.

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