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An unemployed Saudi academic attracts attention in a special way, and the result was not expected (video)

Abdul Latif Jarfan has become the talk of the Saudis on social media over the past two days after he appeared in a video clip, wearing a university graduation uniform, while selling tea on a street.

Al-Jarfan was aiming from his appearance to draw attention to his request to obtain a job suitable for his specialization in information technology with an excellent degree from an American university.

After the appearance of the sweep, Ibrahim Al-Asiri, a famous social media celebrity, announced that he had received two job offers, which he would choose between them while he was waiting for more offers.

After highlighting the academic, Al-Asiri stated that all the job offers received by the academic tea seller were fake.

Al-Asiri said in a tweet that he later deleted, in which he appeared angry, “Please, the brothers who want to benefit Abdul Latif with a job from the owners of companies or positions, contact me on the private, or the coordination number shown in the Bayo, what is reasonable the amount of the job offer, and there is no one in it. Actually serious, but they are willing to “gain a show,” so the mention was made.

However, what came in Al-Asiri’s tweet did not go unnoticed, as “Riyad Bank” pledged to employ the Saudi youth, Abdul Latif Jarfan, who appeared in a video clip selling tea despite obtaining a master’s degree in information technology.

The bank said in a tweet on its Twitter account that the ambitious young men and women of the country are being sought, and they are proud of Abdul Latif’s determination and persistence, and that he will be contacted to arrange a personal interview.

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