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An American magazine describes a Polish plane as “the ugliest” in the world

Popular Mechanics described the Polish M-15 Belphegor as the world’s ugliest plane.

According to the author of the article, the aircraft that were designed and produced by the Warsaw Pact countries are not usually distinguished by beauty, but the agricultural jet, which was created in Poland in the seventies, is “very ugly”.

This Polish aircraft was supposed to be the equivalent of the light Soviet An-2, but “turned out to be a huge disappointment”, because it was designed worse than its predecessor.

The article said: “The M-15 Belphegor was holding less than 3 tons of pesticides in two huge towers and spraying them using compressed air. The aircraft’s sole engine was installed over the chemical spray system, to avoid mixing the exhaust gases with the insecticide.”

The magazine pointed out that it was later found that the M-15 Belphegor was “the slowest plane in the world” and “the heaviest double-deck plane in the world.”

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