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An alien guest flies over Europe and returns to cosmic space

The European Space Agency has released an amazing video recorded by one of the automatic cameras of the Global Meteor Network, which brings together astronomers around the world.

The camera photographed a bright meteor that entered the Earth’s atmosphere and did not fall on its surface or burned, but through its atmosphere horizontally over Europe to return to the cosmic space.

This phenomenon is very rare. And it happened on the morning of September 22nd, when a bright meteor flew over the Netherlands, Germany and Britain, leaving a small clear effect behind it. And it could be spotted with the naked eye.

The lower point of the meteor trajectory that penetrated the atmosphere was at an altitude of 91 km. The European Space Agency did not give any information about the size of the meteor, and said that it was an unregistered celestial body, so no one warned against visiting it.

While astronomers waited on September 22 to visit 4 satellite guests and expected 3 asteroids to be 30 meters in diameter. As for the fourth asteroid, it has a diameter of 7 Amnar. The entire space guests flew over the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

It seems that the size of the unexpected guest that entered the Earth’s atmosphere over Europe was not small.

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