Allama Talib Johari: Leading Pakistani cleric and Zakir passed away

RightNow Times: Leading Pakistani cleric and Zakir Allama Talib Johari has passed away in Karachi. He was 80 years old.

According to RightNow Times, his son said that Maulana Talib Johari had been ill for some days and was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Karachi.

RightNow Times: Allama Talib Johari was a poet, Zakir, historian and philosopher. He also wrote books on poetry and religion, including commentaries on the Qur’an. His father was the famous religious scholar Allama Mustafa Khan Johar.

Allama Talib Johari

RightNow Times: For many years, Allama Talib used to recite ‘Majlis-e-Ghariban’ on PTV in remembrance of Karbala. He was well known in Pakistan and other countries for his eloquence.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and other political and religious leaders have expressed deep sorrow and grief over the death of Allama Talib Johari.

On social media, users are also remembering him in their own way.

RightNow Times: “It’s sad news,” said journalist Wajahat Kazmi. He was a great scholar. I have seen and heard them since childhood.

RightNow Times: One user tweeted, “We belong to a Sunni family, but I don’t remember that while living in Pakistan, hardly anyone spent ten Muharrams in which Allama Talib Johari’s evening was not listened to by the poor.” Not only our house but our whole family was convinced of the style of Allama Talib Johari. A chapter of knowledge is over.

According to Ali Salman Alvi, Allama Talib Johri was an elegant man as well as an expert in oratory. They were a source of knowledge.

RightNow Times: Kapil Dev, a human rights activist in the country, said, “I am a Sindhi Hindu but still (every year) I participate in the Muharram (procession) with respect. I used to watch Allama Talib Johari’s speech on PTV (program) Sham Ghariban.

Similarly, many users belonging to the Sunni school of thought admitted that they only listened to them in Muharram. “My family is Sunni but we used to watch (Allama Johri) on PTV. He tried hard to unite the Ummah.

RightNow Times: Columnist Asma Sharazi says, “You were the ocean of knowledge and Madinah-ul-Alam (SAW) and Bab-ul-Alam (AS) are proud of you. A symbol of your argument, statement and discourse. The poor of Syria had become attached to you. In every Shia Sunni house from childhood till now, the poor in Syria are incomplete without you. No other nuclear student will come again.

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