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After publishing a scandalous image, a Gulf star urges: “Delete it and see me!” (photo)

Right Now Times: Bahraini actress Hanan Reda accidentally posted a scandalous photo of her, which sparked a great controversy on social media.

Right Now Times: Hanan said in a post through her account in “Snapchat”: “The mistake that happened from Shui, I apologize for it, and I am a respected artist and I respect my family, country, customs, and traditions. Everyone knows Hanan Raza, a respectable and decent person. I do not follow vulgar methods of fame because they do not concern me at all.”

Right Now Times: She added: “I hope the following will grow up. The image will erase the image because you must cover your sisters and daughters while I am your daughter who never scratched modesty, and the picture would be sent to my close friends who had a chalet .. Please accept my apologies and erase the image from your devices.”

After publishing a scandalous image, a Gulf star appeals to:
After publishing a scandalous image, a Gulf star appeals to:

Right Now Times: But the thing that angered everyone was their discovery that there was no picture in the first place, and that it made up the story because it had become out of the limelight so that it would be talked about again.

Right Now Times: In late 2015, Hanan Reda released a video clip called “Name It”, and the song was a huge success in the Gulf, exceeding 25 million views on YouTube, and her last work in late 2016 was her song “Love and Dore”, then she disappeared from the spotligh

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