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According to the Corona Acceleration Scale, learn about the safest countries to travel to this summer

Right Now Times: Many people are currently thinking about possible travel destinations, although some countries do not advise their citizens to do so, including Russia, whose Foreign Ministry still recommends that people not travel abroad.

Right Now Times: Tourism is slowly recovering after the crisis, and the situation is expected to change in the coming weeks, with the possibility of continued restrictions. Since the number of Covid-19 infections varies from one country to another, some countries are more suitable tourist destinations than others.


Right Now Times: In a report published by the Russian “FPR” website, Alexandar Semrova said that Vietnam is one of the countries bordering China with a population of 97 million, but it recorded only 342 injuries with no deaths.

Vietnam closed schools from late January to mid-May, and it has already dealt with the outbreak of SARS, bird flu and other epidemics, which has made it more able to cope with the epidemic.

Right Now Times: Professor Guy Toets, director of clinical research at Oxford University, believes that the Vietnamese government quickly dealt with the epidemic in a way that seemed extremely exaggerated, but which later turned out to be reasonable.


Right Now Times: Greece has successfully dealt with the Covid-19 virus crisis. The population of this European country is 10.5 million, with confirmed cases of 3,203 cases and 187 deaths. As in Vietnam, the actions taken by Greece are swift, decisive, and highly effective.

Right Now Times: One day after the diagnosis of the first injury in Greece, the annual carnival was canceled. After several weeks, schools, cafes, and museums were closed, and all expatriates were obligated to be obligatory quarantine with a fine in the event of non-compliance.

Hong Kong

Right Now Times: Hong Kong has a population of 7.4 million, many of whom live in small, multi-storey buildings. Interestingly, Hong Kong has not experienced serious losses from the pandemic, as reports indicate that only 4 people out of 1125 have died, knowing that the number of people recovered reached 1072.

Right Now Times: Among the factors that have positively influenced the response to the epidemic in Hong Kong are the widespread use of face masks and the reduction of travel between Hong Kong and the rest of China, in addition to the health system equipped since the SARS epidemic in 2003.


Right Now Times: Iceland recorded the number of injuries at the beginning of the epidemic more than any other Scandinavian country, and the quarantine measures on this island, which has a population of 365 thousand people, stabilized the number of injuries, as it did not exceed 1085 cases by recording 10 deaths.

New Zealand

Right Now Times: New Zealand won international praise for dealing with the epidemic, with 1157 confirmed cases and 22 deaths. The borders were closed for 4 weeks, before restrictions were gradually eased. However, 24 days after the country celebrated that it was free of the virus, two new infections were reported after two infected women from the United Kingdom entered the country.

Trinidad and Tobago

Right Now Times: Since this country is one of the richest countries in the Caribbean, it was easy for it to deal with the epidemic, especially since the population is less than 1.4 million people. Official data show that, to date, 123 confirmed injuries and 8 deaths have been reported. Borders, schools, universities and cafes have also been closed since mid-March, along with bans.


Right Now Times: In terms of statistics, it is difficult to resolve the effects of Covid-19 in Cambodia, according to the author. But so far, no deaths have been reported from 129 confirmed cases of the virus, and this is of course impressive in a country of 16.7 million people.

According to a recent statement issued by the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, foreign travelers must deposit $ 3,000 in the airport, to cover the costs of prevention and treatment of Covid-19 in the event of injur

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