A Syrian woman takes revenge on her rapist in Egypt in a smart way

A twenty-year-old man in Egypt confessed to the investigation authorities of the details of his rape of a Syrian woman in front of her son at gunpoint, inside her apartment in the 6th of October area.

The young man said during his confession in front of the investigation authorities, and in the presence of the victim: “I didn’t know what I did..the devil was a clerk … I saw the victim inside the apartment … I pushed it … and I got out the penknife and what happened … Then I found the victim, she said he will talk to you again. When I went to her again, the police found me there. They caught me … She ambushed me. “

During the confrontation between them, the victim confirmed what the accused said, adding that the accused had sexually assaulted her in front of her 5-year-old son, so she decided to take revenge on him, and offered to meet with her again, and upon his arrival at the apartment, he found the security forces waiting for him.

The competent authorities issued a decision to imprison the accused for 15 days pending investigations that are still ongoing.

The investigations and investigations of the security and judicial agencies stated that the beginning of the incident was that the police station of October 2nd received a report from the victim indicating that she had been raped by a young man.

Fixed and mobile ambushes were made and cameras near the crime scene were examined, and the forces were able to arrest the accused, and he confessed to committing the incident, and the forces kept surveillance cameras that confirmed the appearance of the accused in front of the property and his exit from it in a contemporary time of the incident.

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