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A policeman was fired from duty in New York for publicly supporting Trump

policeman in New York has been removed from work, after a video clip appeared on the Internet, in which this policeman was shown chanting slogans in support of US President Donald Trump, through a loudspeaker.

“The policeman involved in this incident has been identified and suspended from service without pay,” Dermot Shi, the city’s chief of police, said in a statement posted on Twitter on Sunday.

He added, “I repeat that all police elements must stay out of politics, thus assuring people that the law applies to everyone equally, regardless of their political inclinations.”

On Sunday morning, Twitter users posted a video in which a policeman was using a loudspeaker built into his official car to chant the campaign slogan of the current US leader: “Trump 2020”.

Meanwhile, the policeman asked passers-by, who were filming him, not to be shy and share the footage on social networks. It was not specified when exactly the accident occurred.

For his part, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio indicated that the authorities will not allow the security and police personnel to promote any political agenda.

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